About us

Rietlanden Terminals has a rich history in the port of Amsterdam and has grown to become a major player in the transshipment of coal, on behalf of power plants in Germany, and other dry bulk cargo, as well as logistics services.

We have two terminals at Afrikahaven and Amerikahaven in Amsterdam, with a combined storage capacity of around 2.6 million tons.

With five modern floating cranes, we can load and unload vessels elsewhere in Amsterdam harbours as well as those moored to buoys in IJmuiden, up to a so-called Cape size of 170,000 tons. We also have a large fleet of shovels and other quay equipment for the storage and transit of goods, and a rail connection to facilitate the transit of products to the hinterland.

We carry out all of our activities in a socially responsible manner in which safety, the environment and use of sustainable resources are our highest priorities. This work is performed by approximately 100 employees, 80% of whom work at the terminal and the rest in the office at the Afrikahaven.

Rietlanden Terminals was taken over by JERA Global Markets in 2017.

  • 2 million tons of open storage capacity

  • Five modern Floating Cranes

  • Rietlanden Terminals shows respect for the living environment and environment in all of its processes.


1900: Origin of Borneokade
1989: Amerikahaven Terminal
1993: Commencement of port company de Stuwer, trading under the name ‘de Rietlanden’
1997: Commencement of Floating storage Amerikahaven
1999: ACP Terminal Westhaven
2006: Terminal Afrikahaven ACT
2011:Commissioning of wagon loader

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